"With an addictive, hypnotic feel that wraps around you and urges you sway along from the first hazy beats right to the final notes, the track is brilliant glimpse of what might be in store for us in the album."

       - Earmilk, "Love Spectator" Release, October 2022

“A fine mix of soul, blues, gospel and rock ‘n’ roll that deserves a larger audience. […] It’s never too late to discover such good music.”

      - Add to Wantlist, 2020

Kyle Lacy is a guitarist and singer from Atlanta, Georgia and was born in 1990; however, his time machine made a quick refueling stop in 1956 and he was quickly infected with the DNA that gave birth to Rock’n’Roll.

His debut album “The Road to Tomorrow” was released in 2020 by Brooklyn-based Dala Records. The album's lead single “Low and Slow” was played on BBC radio and described as a “Trunk of Funk” by the Craig Charles Funk and Soul show. “A fine mix of soul, blues, gospel and rock ‘n’ roll that deserves a larger audience” (AddtoWantlist). 

Kyle also has cheekbones for days and hair that Elvis stole (remember that time machine?) His 2nd album Pleasurecraft is scheduled to be released on New Years Eve 2022 on his eponymous record label, Lacy Records. His band holds current residencies at Club Groove (Saturdays) and Red Lion (Sundays) in New York's West Village music scene.

     "Lacy’s music is infused with the raw soul of the records he grew up listening to with his parents: Wynonie Harris, Big Joe Turner, Jerry Lee Lewis."

Kalyn Oyer

Charleston SCENE

     "Gut-wrenching words that resonate with people the world over and reminiscent of classic soul music..."


BLUE in Green Radio

     "With Lacy's sprightly vocals -- JD McPherson should look over his shoulder -- and the band packing the album into a two-day recording session, the album packs a needed punch."


Adobe & Teardrops



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Photo Credit: Alex Pines

Click to download (Hi-Res)

Photo Credit: Alex Pines

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The Bowery Electric

Sunday, October 23, 2022    awaiting attendance data

Rockwood Music Hall 

Stage 2 - August 12, 2022      presale  12  door 32   total 44

Stage 2 - January 20, 2022     presale  21  door   9   total 30


Top 5 Most Played U.S. Cities

1. New York, NY

2. Charleston, SC

3. Boston, MA

4. Atlanta, GA

5. Chicago, IL

Festivals 2018-2019 

Musikfest (Bethlehem, PA)

Fayetteville Roots Festival (AR)

Viva Las Vegas (NV)

Viva EAST (Boxboro, MA)

Byrds Creek Music Fest (TN)

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What Promoters Say

     "There's a lot of artists out there who think they have a show. Kyle Lacy actually has one and he's never afraid to use it. His songs make fast friends with an audience and he delivers his message with nothing less than true passion and thunder."  

- Gustavo Rodriguez 

     New York City

     LIC Bar, Red Lion, Slipper Room


      "You guys were hanging around singing elvis songs [...] People have fun hearing you sing that stuff... especially considering that you like to do it!"  

- Bruce Ferrara


     Beat Brew Hall, Beehive


     "We loved the gig... You guys rocked. I highly recommended you for Viva Las Vegas [...] I'm absolutely delighted they booked you guys for VLV. We love you guys.



- Mark McDonagh

     Viva East

     Rockabilly Festival and Weekender

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