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I’m just your love spectator when I watch you cry

Not in it for the now or the later, with all these years gone by

Think of the smiles, I think I’m on trial without a crime

I’m always your love spectator, I just watch you say goodbye


Straight up or on the rocks, it don’t matter with me

I went down to the docks before you went to sea

A little touch, a little kiss, but it was just for play

you sailed the deep blue sea for forty nights and forty days


(repeat chorus)



Hail to the chief, give me a little praise

I came out of solitary, I gave you all my days

and you see me floating after, like some ghost from long ago

love like ours just fills me up, and I’ll never, ever, let you go


so I fly through the streets, I float on the breeze

I walk street corners suspended from the trees

I listen carefully for your inner liar

my mistake was waiting just a little too close to the fire


(repeat chorus)

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