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Baby, I don’t wanna get jealous 

but when you told me about that old fling

my poor heart almost stopped beating

and it can only be solved by one thing.


give me those little kisses with all your might

touch me all over, squeeze me tight

tell me you love me - what’s past is past, alright?

I want those little kisses to last a long time


when I’m stuck in the storyboard of my thoughts

and thinking of all the bad little things

you spin my head around, and turn me upside down

those little kisses make me wanna sing


(repeat chorus)


you’re gonna be gone so long 

please tell me that you’re coming back.

and baby while you’re gone

please don’t gimme ‘nother heart attack - come on back!


when I get nervous that you might think I’m boring

or not quite as adventurous as the start

you say you feel so fine just to grab a love like mine

you give me the reflection of your heart


(repeat chorus)

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