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I finally made it out last night

I came across as the boss

I was switchin in the kitchen, twisting for a living 

I ripped the band-aid off

How’d I do it? How’d I get through it?

What was in the mix?

Makin’ magic isn’t always tragic

I could show you one or two tricks


Potion (Are you brewing it up)

Do you feel it? (Feeling Better and Better)

Potion (Feel it loosening up)

Do you feel it? (Feeling better and better)


For a lost and lonely feeling

A pick me up on layaway

A little funky cocktail for a better day


Rock me- rock me on down the line

nothin can stop me- from coming out this time

how did this potion- get me feeling this way?

Sweet antidote of love and it’s here to stay!


Keep making waves, ya cannonball

Keep making rhymes with ease

You may not think that its why you’re here

But you’ve got nobody to please

Body rhythm’s such a natural thing, 

when you really find a groove

I wanna make it with you darling

Come on, Let me Loose!

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