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Get up in the morning, got nowhere to go

Got a song of my own, but no one to sing it for

I step outside and it starts to rain

Begin to wonder if god has a plan


I got a woman, that I can’t see

I got a greeting, but no one to greet

I got no mission to be a better man

Just gonna drive down the roads that I can


When times are hard, I gotta keep moving

Play the part, of my choosing

No matter where I am on my darkest night

If I’m moving on, everything will be alright


There’s one who stole my money, one stole my songs

One that didn’t even know right from wrong

If I keep dwelling on the things that I hate

You better bet that my burden will be great




Check the brakes, check the lights

Check the oil, turn on a dime

Take a plane, drive the van

Move it any way you can



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