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I’ve had a lot of romance in my life, that’s right

Most of it just flew on by.

Baby when I’m with you I just want to take it slow

And what’s the use of going when we got nowhere to go


Tell me all your secrets and I’ll tell you mine

I got this good good feeling looking in your eyes


You make me feel like a man, a man with a plan

Suddenly I understand, that a man needs a hand

I don’t have to rush this cause I got love on demand

You make me feel - just like a man


They say a little tenderness is all you need

Coming on to strong only made me weak

You make me understand with just a touch or a smile

Sign me up my baby, I don’t need a free trial


When I’m with other women, I’ve written every song

Girl, my tunnel vision came on pretty strong

Got a heartbreak history enough to make you laugh

But as long as its you in the morning

I know things can’t be that bad

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