One Trick Pony // Kyle Lacy


Kyle Lacy is a singer and multi instrumentalist originally from Atlanta Georgia and was born in 1990. However, his time machine made a quick refuel stop in 1956 and he was immediately infected with the DNA that gave birth to Rock’n’Roll.

Inspired by Rockabilly, Blues, and Soul, and driven by the desire to innovate all three into a modern rock’n’roll hybrid, Kyle arrived on the New York City scene in 2013. Since then he has released two albums: an album of original rockabilly with the band Harlem River Noise entitled “Currents” in 2017 (Adobe and Teardrops: “JD McPherson Should Look Over His Shoulder”), and his own debut “The Road To Tomorrow” in 2020 on Brooklyn’s Dala Records (Add to Wantlist: “Why Isn’t This Dude as Famous as Eli Paperboy Reed?”). He also has cheekbones for days and hair that Elvis stole (remember that time machine?) 


Until the onset of the pandemic, his band toured the country independently, self-booking over 100 shows a year. As a performer he has also been featured in such musicals as “The Buddy Holly Story” and “Pump Boys and Dinettes”. Recently he teamed up with Mel Johnston (Of Brooklyn-based vocal duo “The Foxy Johnstons”) to write and record a new EP under the moniker Mel and the Tall Boys, inspired by the likes of Jet, Jack White, and the Strokes, which will be released in Spring of 2021. Kyle’s latest solo release, “Lucky Ducky”, was produced during the pandemic in his bedroom and you can find it online at