Kyle Lacy is a guitarist and singer from Atlanta, Georgia and was born in 1990; however, his time machine made a quick refueling stop in 1956 and he was quickly infected with the DNA that gave birth to Rock’n’Roll. He has been making a living in music in NYC for almost a decade.


His debut album “The Road to Tomorrow” was released in 2020 by Brooklyn-based Dala Records. The album's lead single “Low and Slow” was played on BBC radio and described as a “Trunk of Funk” by the Craig Charles Funk and Soul show. “A fine mix of soul, blues, gospel and rock ‘n’ roll that deserves a larger audience” (AddtoWantlist). 


Kyle also has cheekbones for days and hair that Elvis stole (remember that time machine?) His 2nd album Pleasurecraft will be released in Fall of 2022. His band has held residencies at West Village music clubs The Groove & The Red Lion. Their next show is August 12, 2022 at Rockwood Music Hall.